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Our Work

Weed Spraying

MimosaseedTerritory NRM have been working with Aerotech NT since 2010 as part of a landscape scale strategic management program for Mimosa pigra in the Daly, Moyle and Fitzmaurice River Catchments in the Northern Territory.

Project Manager for the Daly-Moyle Mimosa Project, Caroline Biggs, says the local company's Air Tractor provides a cost effective option for the management of Mimosa.

"Much of the project site is not accessible by ground so fixed wing spraying is one of the methods we use to tackle Mimosa," Caroline says. "We use Aerotech NT to spray large monocultures of Mimosa infestations and strategic buffer zones in the Daly and Moyle River Catchments, including Anson Bay."

Mimosa chokes up waterways and floodplains, threatening the habitat of large numbers of waterbirds and threatened species, including the northern quoll, yellow-spotted monitor, water mouse and flatback turtle.

Mimosa also degrades agricultural land and blocks access to culturally significant and recreational sites by forming dense and almost impenetrable thickets.

Caroline says she appreciates the good communication with the pilot Peter Bidstrup and the feedback on a range of issues including weather conditions and updates on the state of the mimosa itself, which can help the project better target this Weed of National Significance. Aerotech NT also provides data showing which areas have been sprayed.

"Aerotech NT are really good to work with and easy to contact. They are very efficient in getting data back to me so we can check if an area of Mimosa has been treated and later follow-up on the results of the work," she says.

Caroline Biggs, Project Manager for the Daly-Moyle Mimosa Project, Territory Natural Resource Management

TNRMTerritory Natural Resource Management - Mimosa Project

pdfCase study - “Managing Mimosa (Mimosa pigra) on Top End Floodplains”

Fire Control

Aerotech NT uses its purpose-built large capacity Air Tractor aircraft to suppress fires in the Northern Territory with fast and accurate results.

The powerful 1600 horsepower Air Tractor carries 3100 litres of water for firebombing and flies at a top speed of 280 kilometres per hour.

The aircraft’s fast ferry speeds, ability to work from unimproved airfields result in quick response and turnaround times critical for initial attack and sustained fire operations.

Aerotech NT uses purpose built loading equipment and experienced crew to deliver effective fire suppression .

Territory Proud

Aerotech NT is a member of Territory Proud.
We support other Territory based companies whenever  possible as well as our charity of choice Variety NT

About Us

Aerotech NT is owned and operated by Peter and Kylie Bidstrup providing specialist aerial application services utlising Air Tractor aircraft and associated support equipment .

The company operates out of Batchelor and has 6 fulltime employees all of who are experienced in operating in the unique environment of Northern Australia.



Our Location

We have operated throughout northern Australia since 2001 from a base at Batchelor, just a short distance from Darwin.

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